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What to Consider When Choosing a Catering Company

What to Consider When Choosing a Catering Company

Anyone that has been to a wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate event, or graduation celebration knows that catering can play a huge role in the success of an event. Did the shrimp cocktail have the right dipping sauce, or did they taste like they were still practically frozen ruining the appetizer appeal? Almost everyone can agree that they love to eat, and having your guests enjoy the catering at your event is essential for a successful party.

Some questions to ask your catering company

1. Do they deliver?

You want to make sure the company you use delivers, unless you have no problem going and getting all the food. However, this can be tricky for a big event. If they do deliver, make sure you know how much they charge for delivery so you know the true cost of their services.

2. Do they provide catering to your type of event?

Some catering companies only do corporate catering, whereas others do private catering. Make sure that the catering company you choose has done something similar to your event or has experience providing to the type of event or party you are having.

3. Can we sample any of the food before booking your services?

Sampling the food is a great way to find out if you really like what they have to offer. It can also give you an idea of what options you may want to go with for your event.

4. Do you have liability insurance?

Make sure the catering company has insurance to cover any damages caused by bringing and removing the food to and from the event.

5. How do you present and dispose of the food?

The presentation of the food can often be a huge element for a successful event. Bad presentation can turn away guests and cause food to be uneaten, wasting food. Make sure their presentation suits your needs and level of quality requirements.

6. Are you licensed to serve alcoholic beverages?

Many catering events may require alcohol. If yours does, make sure your catering company can provide alcohol to your guests legally.

7. How do you develop the menu for an event?

Not everyone has time to build a menu themselves. You most likely will want help from the catering company to provide a menu for you. They have the expertise, and the time they save you in creating a menu can also save you hundreds of dollars depending on how long it would take you to create one.

8. How can we keep the costs down?

Last but not least. How much is this going to cost? No one wants to spend all of their marketing budget at a corporate event on the catering, and keeping the costs to a minimum can help to maximize your marketing and events budget considerably.

These are just some questions to ask when considering a catering company. I would also make sure to ask around and see if anyone you know has used the catering company you are considering, and what they experience was like them. Getting first-hand knowledge of a catering company is one of the best ways to make an informed decision.